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Our business combines proprietary disruption aimed at reshaping fractional assets (i.e SPECIFIC Locale/TIME deeded timeshare assets) using disruptive marketing techniques, granulation modelING and Secure Distribution Hyper Ledger (“SDHL”).

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..."At the center of the timeshare industry's DECEPTION is the fact that literally no timeshares will ever make a MONETARY return on investment or a capital gain...."  

Simply put, there are an overwhelming number of Timeshare Owners who are actively seeking a solution to dispose of their unwanted, unused and in many cases worthless Timeshares. Most of those we speak to have paid thousands of dollars "up front" to either; sell, cancel, give away, get a Tax write off or rent out their timeshare. Most are disappointed.   

We know most just want a way out of paying rising annual maintenance costs - We know many have not used their timeshares in years - Some owners are contractually obligated to pay rising annual maintenance, special assessments and property taxes "in perpetuity" these are usually called Legacy timeshares.

in (or for) perpetuity - means until the end of time! 

The timeshare industry offers the following unsatisfactory disposal solutions;  

1) RETURN IT, Surrender it or DEED IT BACK

  • Your timeshare must be fully paid for, and all current fees paid up in order to try giving it back to the Resort. You have to send an email to the resorts loss mitigation department saying you would like them to take back your timeshare, and why (e.g. financial hardship, medical condition)and it's a voluntary surrender. They review your case, and decide whether to accept or reject it. If accepted, they send you some paperwork with instructions. You follow the steps and pay them a fee per contract. They take back your timeshare. After the process is finished, you are no longer the owner.

    Let us know how you get on....

2) RESELL your timeshare

  • Most of those who paid upfront fees to re-sell their Timeshares are sadly disappointed. Sellers "vastly outnumber" buyers and if a buyer can be found for your specific timeshare, the buyer would often get 90%+ discount. 
    To date there is NO organized, centralized, secondary market for timeshare.
    The timeshare re-seller business is highly fragmented and is sadly littered with many crooked miscreants demanding upfront fees. Many owners have divvied up and lost millions in upfront fees that only enriched the crooks.
    The vast majority of re-sellers never see a sale, a closing or a refund. 

3) RENTING OUT your timeshare

  • Owners receive many unsolicited calls from marketing companies offering the promise of rental income on Timeshares and Exchange guest certificates. Again, many owners have divvied up millions in upfront marketing fees. Predictably, the vast majority of owners have never seen a penny in rental income or a refund, and more than a few Exchange Members/owners lost their Exchange guest certificate membership rights! 


"Not so fast", warns the IRS. While timeshare owners may be tempted to claim a five-figure value based on their original purchase price or what the resort is asking for similar units, the amount you can legally deduct depends on the "fair market value" — what a "knowledgeable buyer" would pay, not what a friendly appraiser says it might be worth


OUR Core Business:

If you own a deeded timeshare in Las Vegas NV or Orlando FL call 844-884-9772 to exit your timeshare immediately


  • The Bridgeport Group is an entirely new breed of Fractional Ownership & Timeshare disposal Company. 

  • We utilize a proprietary "War-Ship" strategy that combines specific locale and time slots investment which for the Disposing customer has the effect of immediate, irrevocable and permanent transfer of specific timeshare (for a fixed fee).

  • Our “high traffic” portfolios represent some of the best granulated rental opportunities in Orlando, Florida & Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • We partner with Upsells to add value and service to the business.



"FRactional Tokenization"


Our development partnership has designed  Secure Distribution Hyper Ledger (“SDHL”) for managing our decentralized, fractionally owned inventories of timeshare-based vacation assets both for our profit. 

We build value by granulating and re-offering assets, combining fractional ownership EXPERIENCES to the key MARKETS that thaws the frozen, ill-conceived ownership.  

In an article, “The Rise of The Sharing Economy,” The Economist describes The Sharing Economy is not about timeshare (s), but about technologies enabling previously impossible transactions and pooling of resources to occur. 

Deeded timeshares can best be described as an ill-conceived  “Gridlocked Economy.”  In a Gridlock Economy too many fragmented owners of a single asset type, break down cooperation and that destroys overall unrealized value.  This breakdown of markets and cooperation is the fundamental reason why today the aggregate values of timeshare resorts is as little as ten cents on the dollar of the actual underlying net asset value.  

OUR business releases and enhances the value of Gridlocked assets.